About us

Our Location


Country : the Netherlands

Our installations are located in De Mortel, a little village of approx. 1600 inhabitants, in Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands.

Our Position


longitude : E 05° 42' 21"
latitude : N 51° 32' 25"

Location :

Country : Netherlands
Province : Noord-Brabant
Village : De Mortel

see map beside to locate our town in an interactive map.

Weather installation


Our sensors are mounted in our garden and over the roof, at 1,5 and 6 mtr from groundlevel (18 m from sea level).


Hardware : Davis Vantage Pro2 with DIY rain collector heater.

Spare station: Alecto WS4000.

Anemometer, 2x temperature-/humidity sensor, rain collector, solar sensor.

Weather station


Station : Davis Vantage Pro2
Computer : Transmeta(tm) Crusoe(tm) Processor TM5800
  Windows XP Service Pack 2 build 2600

Weather website

Software used

Weather engine : Cumulus v1.9.4 (1092)
Weather template : Weather by You!
Online since : 03 maart 2013

Weather networks

De Mortel Nederland is also broadcasted on following International weather networks :
Personnal Weather Stations Weather Underground Citizen Weather Observer Program